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Improving Your Organization

Leaders set the pace for improvement.  Today, more than ever, all organizations must accelerate improvement to stay in the game.  The rise in workforce and infrastructure costs outpace resources for many organizations. 

We work with you to develop a game plan that addresses core processes, integrates initiatives, leverages resources and eliminates waste.  We design with you a structure to capture and prioritize opportunities for improvement that lead to measurable gains. 

Our proven strategies use improvement tools that equip teams to work more efficiently in improving processes through more effective collaboration. We identify and address cultural barriers to optimum performance.  We support you in making it happen with an accountability plan that includes establishing ownership, setting priorities, establishing progress measures and organizing “check ins” for your process improvement teams.

We give Leaders the information to accelerate improvement.

Organizational Improvement

Strategic Planning

We tailor our process to your needs.  The initial assessment addresses desires for the future and current reality -- internal and external.  We examine with your key stakeholders the opportunities and challenges as we move from vision to action with progress measures.  We go beyond putting it on the drawing board to support your team in making it happen.  Periodic progress checks support ongoing integration of action plans and minimizes distractions that can dilute the focus and consume energies required to making significant progress.  Simply put we focus on five steps:

Determine where you are

It takes more than looking internally.  To truly prepare, we support you in examining the outside factors that could derail you.  Our environmental scan addresses seven categories where waves of change could wreck any great plan.

Identify what is important to achieve

You decide what involvement of stakeholders input you desire: Board, Executive Team, staff, community, students, partners, etc. We facilitate the sessions and gather perspectives to enrich the planning.

Define the specific targets and timeline

We work with your designated team to determine both long- and short-range priorities.  We facilitate project planning to ensure milestones and resource support can meet designated targets. 

Assign accountability

Without a strategic tracking process, operational day-to-day activities crowd out the long-term work.  We work with your system to integrate a strategic check-in process that works with your team and its operational processes.

Track and adjust as needed

To support your tracking process, we add “accountability sessions.”  Research shows that third-party progress reviews make the difference.   With these high-level reviews, resources and priorities rebalancing occur.

Baldrige Framework for Organizational Excellence

High performing organizations have turned to the Baldrige framework for the last three decades as their method for examining their system and processes.  Organizations of all types have proven it a successful means for accelerating improvement.  The framework enables the management of all components of the organization as a unified whole.  The alignment of plans, processes, measures and actions results in achieved mission.  The integration converts to increased effectiveness and efficiencies. 

We bring our thirty plus years of experience in working with small and large school districts and businesses to enable your organization to use the framework to improve your outcomes, reduce the cost of processes, and make significant improvement in targeted measures.  We have guided both state and national Baldrige award winners in the successful implementation of the framework.  Our focus is moving your organization to a higher level of performance that increases your results in targeted areas.

Ready to improve your organization?

Process & Systems Improvement

Improvement requires understanding your process steps in the many systems that cause your organization to work effectively.  Undocumented process impact equity, lead to inefficiencies and adds unnecessary cost to the system. 

We work with you to identify the pain points that block your teams from having higher levels of effectiveness.  We teach team members to work effectively together, document the process steps, eliminate waste and move to a steady state where processes are not only documented but followed.  Our goal is to establish a sustainable infrastructure that identifies opportunities for improvements and works to address them in an effective and efficient means.   

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