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Board Members come with different talents, knowledge and skills. This workshop helps the Board to identify their strengths, differences and opportunities to work successfully together to achieve the organization’s vision. Our work with Board Members begins with helping each team member understand the value differences of the members, the team strengths and blind spots. Organizational leaders find that an outside voice facilitating the conversation and clarifying roles can enable the Governing Board team to work successfully together to make significant strategic decisions and establish policies.

The Framework for School Board Development outlines the vision, structure, accountability, advocacy and unity needed to promote excellence in Board governance so that student academic achievement goals are attained. We work with the Board to develop their shared vision, Board goals and accountability process that measures how well the vision is being accomplished. Our session focuses on the thinking dimensions of each team member using the science of axiology. Each team member receives their personal “Thinking Report.” We review the report with each one. Then we review with the team the thinking diversities as well as the management demands that accompany the team thinking. We provide the team leader counsel on how to effectively communicate with and motivate each direct report using their personal “Team Directory.”


This package includes Team Member Reports and debrief for each member:

$320 each


Team Directory and debrief for the Leader



Customized Team Workshop [3 hour minimum]

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As an elected Governing Board, your work establishing goals and priorities, adopting policies, and representing the community sets the framework for what happens in schools. However, the most challenging task for most Boards is whom to put your trust in as the Leader. Finding the right Superintendent who will engage students, staff, community and families requires the best person who fits with where the District is in its journey today -- the person who can lead the District to even greater excellence.

In the initial round(s) of interviews, Dynamic WorkSystems offers the Board insight into each candidate’s thinking processes using a system that blends a revolutionary science and technology that measures the candidate’s valuing. The assessment goes beyond personality traits and behavior by objectively measuring his/her value structure and emotional intelligence competencies. This scientific tool gives Governing Boards an edge in the interview process by providing understanding of each candidate’s thinking processes. The profile explains the attention level that the candidate gives to three areas: relationships, results, and rules/policies. Each of these areas impact the candidate’s effectiveness in leading staff and in working with Board members, families and the community. Knowing each candidate’s decision-making processes provides a more informed basis for exploring the degree of fit in your District during the interview. See an example of the first round interview candidate’s analysis.

In the final round of interviews, Dynamic WorkSystems offers a comparative analysis of the selected candidates. The analysis details similarities, difference, challenges and additional tailored questions for each finalist. Attached is an example of final round interview candidate’s analysis that the Governing Board would receive.

The process each candidate experiences is efficient and simple. His/her confidentiality is always protected. Each candidate who moves to the interview round receives an email to complete the value profile assessment. The profile takes 15 minutes to complete. The Board receives the profile summaries and an analysis of each candidate’s decision making processes along with questions that support the Board in exploring the candidate’s thinking.


Package Includes Pre-assessment Reports Plus Consultation

Per Candidate for Initial Round of Interviews



Per Candidate for Final Round of Interviews



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Selecting the new leader is a key step but coming together as a team is imperative to your success as a governing Board. It requires understanding the differences in thinking, the motivations, and working together for a common vision. With these things being understood, the team can create an effective action plan together with specific strategies to support the new leader in transition the team to his / her leadership style. Developing as an effective team requires that accountability and support parameters are refined and understood by each team member.

The process each team member experiences is efficient and simple. His/her confidentiality is always protected. The profile takes 15 minutes to complete. Each Board Member receives his/ her individual profile summary, analysis and debrief prior to the team session. The Team of 8 receives a composite profile of the team’s thinking. The Superintendent and Board President each receive a unique report designed to assist them in leading the team.


Team Building Workshop [minimum three hours] focused on:

  • Strengths and challenges of the team
  • Scenarios indicating how differences may impact team decisions
  • Includes:
    • Thinking Report Profile for each team member
    • Individual debrief session for each team member
    • Team Report for Superintendent
    • Team Report for Board President
    • Session in-person or video conference


Tailored to your needs.


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