The Real Reasons Employees Quit Their Jobs

You may have read in a recent research article about the real reasons why employees quit their jobs.  You might have ideas of your own…and some of those ideas might be correct.  However, there are important reasons that you do not expect and are not addressing.  Horrible boss?  Certainly.  Not enough money?  Probably so.  Bad fit?  Absolutely.  If you really want to get and keep your best employees though, you will need to dig deeper…when you interview as well as after you hire.

Employers are more likely to get and retain exceptional employees when they provide a job that matches the employee’s passions, capitalizes on the employee’s strengths, and allows the employee to grow in the position.  It all starts with the interview.

ZeroRisk HR eliminates the guesswork from the interview process.  Using the science of axiology, ZRHR provides the employer with critical information otherwise unavailable on applicants that is used in the hiring and on-boarding process that is invaluable in the employment and retention of excellent candidates.

The cost of a bad hire or the loss of an exceptional employee is too great to risk.  For more information about ZeroRisk HR, contact us at [email protected].

James Veitenheimer

James Veitenheimer, PhD. is a Senior Partner and brings 37 years of educational experience to Dynamic Work Systems, LLC. James has a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Midwestern State University (TX) and has his Masters of Education and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Texas at Austin (TX). James has worked in virtually every aspect of K-16 education from elementary teacher to college professor.

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