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Real Reasons Employees Quit

The Real Reasons Employees Quit Their Jobs

You may have read in a recent research article about the real reasons why employees quit their jobs.  You might have ideas of your own…and some of those ideas might be correct.  However, there are important reasons that you do ...
AGES Learning

Rethinking How to Change Gracefully

I recently received a Certificate in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership.  Over the six months we studied about the latest in brain research and its impact on teams, problem solving, personal effectiveness, decision making and facilitating change.  The AGES model has ...
Employee Turnover

Turnover: Is it them or us?

Keeping great employees is a challenge.  Selecting a person that fits your culture is key to lower turnover.  The capacity for emotional intelligence [EI] of an applicant has never been greater. In reading a 2018 Harvard Business Review article I ...
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